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The Healthcare you receive is at NO COST to you.

Apismellis Homecare is a Medicare / Medicaid certified Agency. If you are eligible for Medicare A Benefits, we will provide benefits at no costs to you or your family. We are also affiliated with major managed care plans and most insurance carriers.

Specialty Skilled Nursing Services from Home Care Nurses

The home care nurses from Apismellis Homecare provide specialty skilled nursing services for homebound and elderly patients living with chronic illnesses or recovering from recent surgery. Our specialty nursing services can treat patients with a variety of health issues from short-term wound care to on-going case management. These home care nurses have experience and training in a variety of specialty programs to meet nearly any patient's needs. Our home care specialty and skilled nursing services include enterostomal therapy nursing, intravenous and infusion therapy nursing, and mental health nursing.

If you are interested in learning more information about any of the specialty skilled nursing services available from our home care nurses, please feel free to contact Apismellis Homecare. We can review your situation in order to help determine if our specialty nursing programs are the best option for you or a loved one. Typically, our specialty and skilled nursing services are ideal for seniors and other homebound patients requiring both short- and long-term nursing care and treatment. Whether you require specialty skilled nursing services from our home care nurses following a surgery or for the treatment of a chronic illness, we can help. Our specialty and skilled nursing services are available to patients in St. Louis, MO, Lake Havasu, AZ, and Parker, AZ.

Enterostomal Therapy Home Care Nurses

Enterostomal therapy home care nurses have expertise in wound care, ostomy care, and continence care. Specifically, enterostomal therapy nurses specialize in the management of patients with urinary and fecal diversions, draining wounds and fistuals, fecal and urinary incontinence, and chronic wounds. This type of specialty skilled nursing service is important for individuals who are older and those who suffer from multiple chronic diseases. In additional, enterostomal therapy home care nurses can offer important treatment services for patients with cancer.

The enterostomal therapy home care nurses at Apismellis Homecare provide rehabilitation treatment and information for patients who have recently undergone or will be undergoing fecal or urinary diversions. This includes preoperative skilled nursing services such as providing counseling regarding planned surgical procedures, addressing the impact of an ostomy on an individual's life, and discussing stoma site selection. Postoperative enterostomal therapy nursing services that are available from our home care nurses include instructing the patient and family in ostomy care and teaching important dietary and fluid alterations. These enterostomal therapy nursing services include both hospital and home visits to provide treatment and information to patients.

Infusion Therapy Home Care Nurses

Our skilled home care nurses offer infusion services for patients in the comfort of their own homes. Infusion therapy is a specialty skilled nursing service that involves the administration of medication through a needle or catheter. Infusion therapy nurses can treat a number of medical conditions including both short-term and chronic illnesses. In addition to providing IV infusion therapy, our specialty homecare infusion nurses also manage a patient's infusion supplies, provide important information, and teach patients or their family members how to administer IV medications.

Mental Health Home Care Nurses

Mental health home care nurses offer assessment, diagnosis, and treatment services for individuals with mental illnesses, psychological disorders, and emotional distress. This mental health nursing is available for senior, elderly, and other homebound patients who require temporary treatment or education for an acute episode or the recent exacerbation of a mental illness. For additional information about our psychiatric skilled nursing services, to learn how these services can be individualized for you or a loved one, or to find out if you meet the qualifications for our home care nursing services, please contact Apismellis Homecare.