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The Healthcare you receive is at NO COST to you.

Apismellis Homecare is a Medicare / Medicaid certified Agency. If you are eligible for Medicare A Benefits, we will provide benefits at no costs to you or your family. We are also affiliated with major managed care plans and most insurance carriers.

Homecare Referral Information for Physicians and Family Members

At Apismellis Homecare we strive to make our homecare referral process as simple as possible. Therefore, we provide quick and simple homecare referral forms online. These forms are for physicians or family members of prospective homecare patients. By providing some basic patient and doctor information through our online homecare referral form, individuals and physicians can refer a patient for our homecare services. Upon receiving this information, the staff at our home healthcare agencies will contact the patient or the patient's family as well as the patient's physician in order to determine what types of homecare services the individual requires and to develop an individualized homecare treatment plan to meet the patient's needs.

Refer a Patient for Homecare Services

If you are interested in referring a patient to one of our home healthcare agencies for homecare services, please select and complete the appropriate online referral form from the left side of the page. Additionally, Apismellis Homecare also accepts homecare referrals through our Customer Referral Center by phone at (314) 845-1705 and by fax at (314) 433-4517.

Physician's offices and medical providers can contact us to request a fax referral pad for referring multiple or many patients by fax to our homecare services.

The staff, caregivers, nurses, and therapists at each of our Apismellis Homecare home healthcare agencies sincerely appreciate and thank you for all of your referrals.

Additional Homecare Information for Physicians

Some other homecare information that is important for physicians to know about Apismellis Homecare includes our home healthcare agency locations and service areas as well as the homecare services our home healthcare agencies offer. If after reading the following homecare information for physicians, you are interested in learning more about the Apismellis Homecare services, which are available for your patients, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Apismellis Homecare Services

As a leading homecare company for seniors and homebound patients, Apismellis Homecare offers a wide variety of homecare services. Our homecare treatment services are designed to help patients who are recovering from a recent accident or illness, and our homecare education services can provide important information to individuals who have received a new diagnosis or are recovering from injury. These homecare services will supplement medical treatment and services provided by each patient's physician in order to create a complete recovery or management plan for injuries, illnesses, and chronic diseases.

Apismellis Homecare Home Healthcare Agency Locations

Apismellis has three home healthcare agency locations including in St. Louis, Missouri, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and Parker, Arizona. Each of these home healthcare agencies offers homecare services in areas surrounding the cities. To determine specifically if our services are available in your patient's location, please contact Apismellis Homecare.

Why Choose Apismellis Homecare for your Patients

Apismellis Homecare is staffed by a team of highly trained and qualified nurses, therapists, and caregivers. These medical providers can work closely with a patient's physician to develop an ideal medical treatment program. Based on the services recommended by you, the patient's physician, we will create a treatment program from our homecare services. Our homecare services reinforce a patient's ability to maintain independence while properly managing their health needs. The skilled homecare nurses and therapists at our home healthcare agencies offer quality care with satisfactory results. We focus not only on achieving the medical goals of each patient's physician, but we also aim to achieve high patient satisfaction with our homecare services.