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The Care you receive is at NO COST to you.

Apismellis Homecare is a Medicare / Medicaid certified Agency. If you are eligible for Medicare A Benefits, we will provide benefits at no costs to you or your family. We are also affiliated with major managed care plans and most insurance carriers.

Medical Social Workers for Seniors

Medical social workers assist patients and their families when dealing with a number of concerns and medically related issues. Apismellis Homecare offers access to a number of master's prepared social workers that are available to evaluate and assist patients and their families with the social, economic, and emotional needs relating to the overall medical plan, care, and treatment. One of the main goals of a medical social worker when dealing with senior patients and their families, is to help individuals become more self-sufficient and to strengthen family relationships in an attempt to restore people to successful social functioning. Additionally, another frequent task of medical social workers is to assist individuals in obtaining adequate financial resources for their needs.

As a company offering a variety of home health treatments and services to seniors and homebound patients, Apismellis Homecare provides patients with access to skilled medical social workers. These medical social workers are available to patients living near any of our convenient home health center locations including in:

  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Lake Havasu City, Arizona
  • Parker, Arizona

Services Medical Social Workers Offer

A medical social worker's main duty is to assist patients and their families with health related problems and concerns. This includes coordinating services for patients and their families in a wide variety of settings. Some of the main types of services, which are available from the Medical Social Workers at Apismellis, include providing assistance during life changing situations or challenges, especially those that occur as a result of illness, injury, or care giving responsibilities. Additionally, our medical social workers are available to help patients to obtain community services, to assist patients and their families with long-range planning and decision-making, and to offer short-term counseling services.

Other services often provided by medical social workers include:

  • Supportive Counseling for Patients/Families/Spouses regarding life altering diagnosis and in the form of grief counseling.
  • Psychosocial Assessment for Planning and Team Consult including mental status examinations and collaboration with physicians, specialists, and other team care members.
  • Long and Short Term Care Planning including the assessment of home and support systems, the anticipations of future care and support needs, the evaluation of nursing homes and home health options.
  • Complex Financial / Benefit Counseling and Assistance including helping patients understand short and long term disability, Medicare, Medicaid, and alternate funding sources or financial assistance.
  • Legal Issue Consultation regarding issues such as durable and legal power of attorney, conservatorship, public guardianship, and legal referral.

Request a Meeting with a Medical Social Worker

If you are interested in any of the services offered by our medical social workers, please feel free to any of our contact our home healthcare center locations in St. Louis, MO, Lake Havasu City, AZ, or Parker, AZ. These medical social work services are available to all qualifying patients located near one of our three homecare centers. If you are a physician interested in referring a patient for any of the services provided by our medical social workers, please complete a homecare referral form or contact us by phone.