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The Care you receive is at NO COST to you.

Apismellis Homecare is a Medicare / Medicaid certified Agency. If you are eligible for Medicare A Benefits, we will provide benefits at no costs to you or your family. We are also affiliated with major managed care plans and most insurance carriers.

General Medical / Surgical Home Care Nursing

Apismellis Homecare is a home healthcare company that employs teams of general medical / surgical home care nurses who provide direct care, teaching, and assessment services for senior and homebound patients in the comfort of their own homes. These medical and surgical home care nursing services can allow patients to remain independent and continue to live in their own home after being diagnosed with a serious disease or medical condition. Our home care nursing services also allow individuals to return home sooner after undergoing major or minor surgeries including total joint replacement surgery. Finally, our general medical surgical home care nursing services provide important knowledge and information to patients and their caregivers that can help individuals to recover more quickly from an accident or injury or to manage a long-term or chronic illness.

General Medical and Surgical Home Care Nursing Services

General medical and surgical home care nursing can include the administration of a number of skilled nursing services in an in-home setting. These services range from providing patients with accurate evaluations and treatment to offering important education and information to patients and family members. Skilled nurses often care for patients that have had a recent diagnosis or surgery, are returning from a prolonged hospital stay, suffer from a chronic illness, or have diabetes that is newly diagnosed or unstable. With the complete range of general medical and surgical home care nursing services that is available from Apismellis, we can provide the in-home medical treatment to meet nearly any patients’ needs.

The services available from our general medical and surgical nurses include, but are not limited to the following services:

  • Wound Care
  • Medication Management and Instruction
  • Dressing Changes
  • Assessment of Family Needs
  • Patient and Family Education
  • Care Coordination

Professional, Knowledgeable, & Compassionate Home Care Nursing

All of the members of the Apismellis Homecare general medical and surgical nursing staff display the highest knowledge and expertise in their field. These home care nurses are thoroughly screened during the hiring process and are regularly evaluated for their knowledge and expertise throughout the year. Many of the highly trained, skilled nurses on our home care nursing team have obtained advanced credentials in various specialties. These general medical and surgical nurses bring a high quality of medical care to each patient's in home treatment program. Our general medical and surgical home care nursing teams will work closely with a patient's physicians or therapists to develop an individualized plan and to provide superior treatment.

In addition to providing professional home care nursing services to seniors and homebound patients, our general medical and surgical nurses are also available to provide important information and education to patients and their families. We place a strong emphasis on patient and family teaching in order to maximize the potential for each patient's independence. Our knowledgeable nurses provide patients and their caregivers with information and instruction for dealing with everyday medical tasks and tips for managing recovery or chronic illnesses.

To learn how our home care nursing services can meet the needs of you or a loved one, please feel free to contact Apismellis Homecare. We are available to provide prospective patients with a home assessment visit during which we will review your personal situation and determine the appropriate services to meet you or a loved one's needs.